ISO 22000:2005 Certification

Food Safety is essential requirements for a healthy nation therefore FSMS is the basic requirements of the Healthy Nation, People and for a healthy society Failures in food supply can be dangerous and cost plenty. ISO has developed the ISO 22000 standard for the certification of food safety management systems. The standard is intended to provide security by ensuring that there are no weak links in the food supply chain, and to achieve international harmonization in the field of food safety standards.

Benefits Of ISO 22000

  • Improvement of order efficiency of processes
  • Guarantee of production process stability and high quality services
  • Improvement of the firm competitive advantage
  • Increase of public and state auditing bodies trust
  • Increase of company price and image
  • Development of the mutual confidence between a firm and a client

Implementation of ISO 22000

  • Identify the requirements of ISO 22000 and how they apply to your business.
  • Establish quality objectives for your business.
  • Document the quality policy.
  • Communicate them throughout the organisation.
  • Evaluate the quality policy.
  • Identify the boundaries of the management system.
  • Produce documents procedures as required.
  • Ensure these procedure is suitable for your organisation.
  • Conduct an audit to ensure the system is working.
  • Recommend to award certification.


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